Lovely Seat to Great Shunner Fell - From Hawes - Thursday 15th April 2010
Area: Hawes, Yorkshire Dales  -  Distance: 22km / 13.67miles approx.  -  Total Ascent: 650metres / 2133ft. Approx
Start / Finish: Hawes - GR: SD 875 898 - Grade: Moderate to hard hillwalking
  My walk today starts from the busy market town of Hawes, it takes me to the summit of Lovely Seat via the Clints as shown in the picture below. After descending to the cattle grid on the Butter Tubs Pass I then climb again to reach the summit of Gt. Shunner Fell before returning to Hawes via the Pennine Way  

It felt good to be out as I left the Brown Moor caravan site and walked down the Bruntcliffe Rd towards Sedbusk.

This picture shows the view to High and Low Clints - the scars guarding the southerly flanks of Lovely Seat.


Following the road around the bend and over the bridge which crosses the River Ure I pass through this gate and follow the path signposted Sedbusk.



Its good to see the lambs, it's a nice reminder of springtime!


Crossing this interesting old bridge


I arrive at this stile and cross the road beyond.


Passing through another stile on the opposite side, the houses of Sedbusk can be seen in the distance.



All the time travelling N.E. I pass through another stile following the path past the barn in the centre of the picture to gain another stile leading out onto the road at the small hamlet of Sedbusk.


A short walk along the road brings me to a post box set in a wall with a notice board alongside. This was my cue to turn sharp left and follow the lane leading up towards the fells.

Looking back to Hawes from the top of Shutt Lane


Heading N.W. I now climb up through the remaining pastures, finally passing through this gate to emerge onto the open fell.


After passing through the gate I circle to the right to gain the easy path up above the clints.

I emerge onto a long straight track leading off in a westerley direction along the broad shoulder above the Clints.


After about 1km I pass this cairn then a little further on I reach a signpost marked Bridleway.



The signpost at:-

GR: SD 8724 9299

It is at this point that I now leave the relative comfort of the track and head off on a bearing N.E. towards the summit of Lovely Seat.

  No sooner than I leave the track I encounter these sink holes, still holding snow from winter.  

After picking my way over the bogs and peat haggs also the avoidance of Sod Hole Gill - a sinister looking place full of deep snow, I eventually arrived at:-

Lovely Seat - 675m / 2215ft

It was freezing cold as I sheltered out of the harsh northerly wind behind the stone structure, which incedentally in nice weather is exactly what it says on the map - A Lovely Seat!

After a while I plucked up courage to get the tripod out and after weighting it down with my rucksack I managed to take this picture!


It was strangely pleasant to be amongst my own thoughts today as I made my way down to the cattle grid above Butter Tubs Pass. I was thinking about the times I had climbed Lovely Seat and Great Shunner in the past with my old pals Gerry and Geoff.

I reached the road then started climbing again N.W. towards Gt.Shunner Fell passing this cairn near the fencline.


The clouds were beginning to break as I reached the summit shelter of Great Shunner Fell 716m / 2349ft

  I was the only soul up here up here today I thought as I set my camera up on top of the triangulation point which incedentally forms part of the shelter.  
  A few sarnies later I made my way south following the Pennine Way back towards Hawes.  

After about 6km / 3.75miles I eventually reached the welcome sight of the Green Dragon in the village of Hardraw.

After a good pint of ale it is only a mile or so's walk back to Hawes from here.


A really great walk!