Truma Awning Heater
Bailey Senator Indiana S5

The Truma Awning Heater comes as a kit but you can buy all the parts seperately on Ebay quite cheaply.

I decided the best place for the outlet would be between the external electric socket and the caravan door as this utilises the useless space under the seat behind the fusebox and it is also easy to access the pipework.




Firstly I drilled a small pilot hole through the caravan wall from inside to out at the exact position I wanted the centre of the pipe to be.

Then using a 73mm starrett hole saw drilling from the outside I cut a hole through the caravan wall.

The picture opposite shows the piece I removed.



Positioning the outlet flange I carefully marked and drilled the holes for the four retaining screws.

I then fully coated the inside of the hole with non hardening caravan sealant to prevent the ingress of water, then applied sealant to the back of the outlet flange.

Then using 4 stainless steel butterfly bolts I fixed the assembly together.


The view inside the caravan shows the butterfly bolts fully secured.

I cut into the existing heater pipe and fixed a tee piece then I fitted the duct shut off valve

I secured the new duct with a tie wrap to prevent it sagging making sure it was falling all the way to the outlet.

Then routed the bowden cable from the shut off valve to a convenient position next to the fuse box.




The bowden cable enters the bottom of the operating switch rising at 45 degrees so care must be taken when routing the cable so as not to kink or put any tight bends in it.

I drilled a 6mm hole downward at 45 degrees through the panel then connected the switch.



Finally I squirted some expanding foam in the small gap around the pipework to fully seal the assembly.

A quick test to check all was working - Job done!

I shall be giving it a good testing this winter!