The Dovedale Round - Sun 17th Aug 2003

A Walk with Geoff and Bob

We parked the car at Cow Bridge and headed up past Brothers Water and into the Dovedale valley It was the start of a beautiful summers day as we trod the path along past Hartsop Hall and into one of the most picturesque valleys of the Lake District.
  The walk up through Dovedale
After a walk of about 4km/2.5 mls we arrived at the stream in the upper reaches of the valley, an idealic spot for a family picnic in summer.

Its all uphill from this point onwards as we crossed the footbridge and made our way up the path which traces the stream up the ravine towards Dove Crag.

  Looking back down the stream with Hartsop Dodd in the background
Dove Crag and the Priest's Cave!

Onward and upward we trudged until we reached the grassy plateau just below the main crags to the right of the picture. Then by gaining a series of terraces we finally arrived at the Priest's Hole, high up on the face of Dove Crag..................

  Dove Crag - can you spot Priest's Hole Cave high up in the crag face?
Priest's Hole......

What a cracking place to bivvy on a hot summers night we thought. It even has its own visiters book which we duly signed!

  Priest's Hole Cave - Room With A View
Alas... no bivvies tonight I'm afraid!

After chilling out for a while with a few sarnies and a cool drink, it was time to leave.

We made our way back down the terraces, then climbed back up the mountain via safer ground until we reached the main path, from here it was a short climb to the summit of Dove Crag - our highest point of the day at 792m/2598ft

  Inside looking out
We then descended S/W to Scandale Head and High Bakestones

I just managed to grab this shot of High Bakestones before the film in the camera ran out!

From here we made our way down to Little Hart Crag and then on to High Hartsop Dodd, we made the steep descent down the ridge into Dovedale and back to the car.

This was an absolutely cracking walk!!

Back High Bakestones - Lake Windermere in the distance