Around Watendlath.
  A Walk with Geoff and Bob - 8th Jan 2006
From the small hamlet of Watendlath, cross the bridge and turn left, the path splits - take the high road and almost immediately pick up the small track heading west up toward Jopplety How.
At the junction of the four walls turn left for approx 100m until a gap in the wall is found. Pass through the wall and follow the path up to the Summit of Brund Fell.
  The Summit of Brund Fell / Grange Fell.
Re-trace the path back through the wall and turn right heading south, follow the wall down until another wall is met at Puddingstone Bank.
  The view back to Watendlath Tarn from Brund Fell with High Seat in background.
Pass through the gate and keep following the path on a southeasterly heading until another wall is crossed, keep heading south until Great Crag is reached.

Here Geoff can be seen making his way up the path toward the summit of Great Crag - Brund Fell can be seen in the background.

The main cairn on Great Crag.
The view east from Great Crag looking towards Black knott and Watendlath Fell beyond with Dock Tarn just visable to the right of the picture. The terrain can be quite boggy in places.

Our aim was to reach the ridge of Watendlath Fell - We kept on an easterly bearing of 98 degrees until we reached the ridge of Black Knott then turned south east heading down to the valley bottom.

We crossed the stream directly below How and looked up to see a herd of Deer cautiously watching our movements from its small summit.

I managed to grab this shot and the next moment they were gone.

We climbed up eventually reaching the spot where they had been watching us from - they were long gone of course. We carried on up topping out on the ridge at GR289148

Following the ridge north we reached Middle Crag then headed east to Armboth Fell where we had a slightly late lunch after which we headed north west to High Tove and back to Watendlath.

Another good day in the hills, It's a good job the ground was pretty much frozen though, as it was quite boggy in places.

  Looking towards High Seat from Armboth Fell - High Tove is directly behind Geoff