Steel Fell to Helm Crag.
  A walk with Rob, James, Jack and Bob - 28th Dec 2005
We started out from Grasmere taking the Easedale Road as far as Goody Bridge then turning right to Ghyll Foot.

Our route takes us up the southeast ridge of Steel Fell from Ghyll Foot, as seen here in the picture

A welcome break halfway up the ridge
We reached the first cairn overlooking Thirlmere Reservoir at the summit of Steel Fell
James seems to be enjoying himself !
This is the main summit of Steel Fell.
We made our way to Calf Crag where we had a spot of lunch , after which we headed off towards Gibson Knott and Helm Crag.
James and Jack seem to have Helm Crag all to themselves.
Finally we descend via the famous rocks at the southeast end of the ridge known as the Lion and the Lamb.

A cracking first walk after Christmas!