Kisdon - Sun 9th March 2008 - A walk with Gerry and Bob.
Kisdon stands at a respectable 499m. It lies on the route of the Pennine Way between Keld and Thwaite.

Our walk today starts from the village of Muker in Swaledale and takes us over the top of Kisdon, then down and across the River Swale to follow its easterly bank back to Muker - A modest walk of about 7 miles.

  Main Street - Muker (notice the black sheep on the roof of the building)
We leave Muker via a lane heading north, after about 100m pass through a gate then follow the track northwest up the ridge to join the Pennine Way. The picture shows the lane we had just climbed.
  Looking back down the lane we had just climbed - The Pennine Way lies left to right
Looking across to the Buttertubs Pass with Lovely Seat on the left and Little Shunner and Great Shunner Fell on the right.

After about 50m we leave the Pennine Way and head north up a track towards a sheepfold, once reached we turn west and follow the wall out onto open fell.

We then head due north over feint tracks and rough terrain towards the wall near Kisdon Pot Hole.

Kisdon summit which is marked by a small pile of stones lies just at the other side of the wall which is easily climbed via the many through stones.

This impressive cairn stands nearby.

We leave the summit and head north climbing another wall and then following it down, first northeast then northwest until we join a path which leads us back onto the Pennine Way and across the River Swale via the footbridge near where this photo was taken.
After crossing the river the path heads east climbing above West Wood and Stoney Hill toward Crackpot Hall.

Looking back along the path to Beldi Hill where remains of the lead mining industry can still be scene.

We can now see the River Swale winding its way down the valley towards Muker.

Our route now follows the left bank.

Looking back towards Swinner Gill.

The wind was gusting as we walked back along the valley and the next thing we know Gerry's Hat had blown off and he was making a mad scramble down the steep river bank to retrieve it.

Needless to say we captured it on film.

We carry on following the path south, crossing the river again at Ramps Holme Bridge and then making our way the short distance through the pastures back to Muker.

This was a very enjoyable walk with a total distance of about 11.25km / 7mls followed by tea and scones at the tearoom.- Gerry's treat!! - Well it was my birthday walk!