Burnsall to Grimwith Reservoir - Sat 25th July 2009
The picturesque village of Burnsall, set alongside the River Wharfe in the Yorkshire Dales marks the start of our walk today.

Taking a clockwise route the diagram opposite shows the GPS track we made on the day. The distance is approximately 19km/12mls. on generally good paths and tracks with some roadwalking.

The walk around Grimwith Reservoir is a delight in itself and would make a great Sunday afternoon stroll.

Early morning in Burnsall - Geoff grabs this peacefull shot of the ancient bridge which was rebuilt in the 16th century by Sir William Craven.


The view from the bridge looking south with Burnsall and Thorpe Fell in the background.
The view looking north from the opposite side of the bridge.
Having crossed the bridge we climb northeast following the path through the fields, stopping to look back at the splendid views.
The previous photo was taken from next to the seat you can see in the picture opposite. We have now reached the road and Geoff and I take a last lingering look back to Burnsall before crossing the road and heading across the fields.
Taking the right hand path across the field we join the road leading to Raikes Farm
"Eee its good to be owt today" Geoff called, " Eye lad it is that" I replied as we strolled along the road. It was indeed great walking weather.

We reached Raikes Farm, crossed the stile and headed up through the field of cows keeping to the path alongside the wall.
Still heading northeast and climbing steadily for about 0.5 km we reach another stile, we cross this and follow the wall northwest to the modest summit of Langerton Hill.
Langerton Hill 278m / 912ft
After retracing our steps from Langerton Hill we regain the path following the wall heading northeast, shortly the path changes from the left to the right hand side of the wall via another stile we then walk down to the bottom of the field where we cross a stream (Holes Beck) and another stile to bring us to this point
A short distance further and we reach Turf Gate House.

We pass through the gate and follow the path by the house.

Passing the lovely duckpond and yes the ducks are real, we follow the lane to join the B6265 wher we turn right and head down to Dibbles Bridge.
A short climb up the road brings us to the entrance drive to Grimwith Reservoir.
After just over 1 km/0.75 mls walk along the drive we reach the reservoir - phew!
We walk along the grassy bank at the haed of the dam and join the track leading around the reservoir.
After a couple of kilometers we arrive at this wooden bridge which crosses Blea Gill
This photo was taken whilst crossing the bridge at Grimwith Beck
This photo, taken as the path rises towards the car park and above the boat houses. It shows Grimwith House in the distance.

We walk on past the parking area, toilets and information centre to pick up a track heading south. An old farm implement provides a good place to sit a while and eat lunch. A few sandwiches later we are up and plodding south again.

A slight deviation from our track brings us to this rock inscribed with this memorial.

Speaks for itself really.

We reach the B6265 again which we then cross to pick up another track still heading south for about half a mile until we reach another road, then in about 100yds we reach this gate which takes us down to past Kail Hill to join the Dalesway at Woodhouse.
Following the Dalesway northwest we arrive back at Burnsall to be greeted by quite a different scene to the one we had left early that morning.

We dragged our weary bones back across the bridge and plonked ourselves down onto two vacant seats outside the cafe next to where we had left the car that morning. A welcome cuppa it was too!