Grindsbrook Clough - A scramble with Geoff & Bob - Sunday 25th July 2010
Area: Kinder Scout, Edale, Derbyshire  -  Distance: 10km / 6miles  -  Total Ascent: 360metres / 1181ft. Approx
Start/ Finish: Edale Village / GR: SK 12296 85984  -  Grade: Easy Walking / Scrambling.

This cracking little walk unfolds amongst the picturesque surroundings of Grindsbrook Clough in Edale, the Derbyshire village which of course is famous for being the start of the Pennine Way.

Our route follows the Clough to its upper reaches before taking a right fork leaving the main path behind and climbing the stream bed by way of an easy scramble onto the Kinder plateau. Turning south we then visit Grindslow Knoll before retracing our steps to follow the edge of the plateau east around to Ringing Roger then back to Edale via the Nab.


The Nags Head - Edale


We follow the road up past the pub for about 200m then take a path on the right leading down to a wooden footbridge crossing the brook. We climb the other side and eventually emerge onto this path.



Following the path through the trees we cross another footbridge at Golden Clough.


Once across the footbridge we turn to admire the splendid view back down the valley to Edale with Mam Tor in the distance.


Looking back again from higher up the clough, the path can clearly be seen following the stream.


The path has been fairly broad and easy going up to this point but becomes slightly more difficut now as we pick our way through these boulders then head down to join the stream.


This section of the clough has exposed the brittle shale.

A few hundred metres futher on we reach an obvious divide in the clough.


The main path takes the left divide and climbs steeply up onto the Kinder plateau, we take the right divide to enjoy this smashing little scramble up the stream bed to the top.

  The sides of the gorge steepen as we scramble further up through the rocks.

This interesting little section requires some deft footwork and balance to cross this deep pool.

  As Geoff clearly shows!  

Nearing the top now we negotiate another interesting section - great fun!


After emerging onto the Kinder plateau we turn south and follow the path around to reach this point, the summit of:-

Grindslow Knoll 601m / 1872ft

The route taken by our scramble can clearly be seen in the distance.

Retracing our steps we now take the path heading east for a couple of kilometres along the edge of the plateau.


Stopping to take this shot from Upper Tor


We finally arrive at the group of unusually shaped rocks known as:-

Ringing Roger

It is now just over 1km back to Edale - Very enjoyable!!