Crummack Dale - Sunday 24th July 2011 - A walk with Gerry & Bob
Area: Crummack Dale, Yorkshire Dales  -  Distance: 12km / 7.5miles Approx.  -  Total Ascent: 390metres / 1280ft. Approx
Start / Finish: Crummack Lane, Austwick - GR: SD 7724 7009 - Grade: Easy with some good paths and tracks-Not advisable in Mist

Crummack Dale is probobly one of the most picturesque areas of the Yorkshire Dales, with it's babbling stream and lush pastures surrounded by high limestone enscarpments it is the setting for our walk today.

Our route takes us first to Nappa Scars then on through the famous Norber Erratics to cross a stile and follow a wall heading North to Sulber Gate. We descend through Thieves Moss and join a path leading South East along the edge of Moughton Scars before eventually climbing to reach the summit of Moughton itself. Still heading South East we explore some of the limestone pavements before turning West to reach Long Scar and then Studrigg Scar - Great Care should be taken here as we cross a stile in the wall and pick up the path descending down the side of the scar.

Things become much easier now as we walk down through the pastures to join a lane heading South, reaching a junction after a short distance we turn right and head down to the old Clapper bridge which crosses Austwick Beck as it meanders lazyly down the valley. We follow the lane up to the junction before turning left back onto Crummack Lane and the welcome sight of our cars parked on the side of the road.


Leaving the cars near the enclosures above Sowerthwaite Farm we walk back down the lane to take the path signposted: - Norber



The view to Norber unfolds as we approach Nappa Scars


We pass through the famous Norber Erratics as described in a previous walk - "Norber to Smearsett Scar"

Crossing the stile at the top northern corner of the field we head north following the wall high above the valley bottom as we make our way towards the small hamlet of Crummack.




Still heading north we leave the wall as it turns east only to pick it up again near the Rain Gauge GR: SD770 719

Following the wall north again until we reach Sulber Gate we pass through this gate on the right to enter Thieves Moss.



We descend Thieves Moss turning south to follow the path along the edge of Moughton Scars


Photo of cairn at GR: SD7870 7195

Looking west - the flanks of Ingleborough rising in the distance


Following the contour lines we now head in a southerly direction to reach this cairn at GR: SD7844 7150


We now take a bearing and head SE towards the summit of Moughton.

Strange rock formations are beginning to appear or are they carvings left there by some neolithic tribe?



An easy climb brimgs us to the summit of:-

Moughton - 427m / 1400ft

GR:SD 78684 71188


After a few sarnies we now head south exploring some of the limestone pavements.

The picture shows the view back to the summit with Ingleborough in the background.



This is the cairn at Long Scar looking towards Penyghent.




We turn west and head towards Studrigg Scar, encountering this handsome specimin en-route. (Oops sorry Gerry I mean't the cairn!!)


Reaching a stile in a high wall, we know that we have arrived at Studrigg Scar.

Great care should be taken here to locate the path that leads down the north side of the scar. - Not reccomended in mist.

The view from the bottom of the scar


We make our way to the bottom of the pasture to follow a narrow lane leading south for approximately 0.5km until it merges with a track.

Turning right we follow the track dowd to the ford.


Dub Wash - An ancient Clapper bridge and sheep wash, the bridge span Austwick Beck



We cross the clapper bridge and head up the lane turning left when we reach the junction at the top. We are now back on Crummack Lane and it is but a short distance back to our cars.

    The view to Moughton from Crummack Lane  

The Route as taken in a clockwise direction.


This was a cracking walk!